Generally MASI events are open to anyone 18+ who can follow the MASI code of conduct and the specific rules of any game they participate in. Younger players can attend games depending on that game's policies - they may need to be accompanied by an adult.

Anyone attending an overnight event should be aware that the MASI Site is a wilderness campground - you will need your own tent, sleeping gear, food, sensible shoes, bug spray, sunscreen, and water at a minimum. Some players choose to return home during the overnight period.

You do not however need to worry about costumes, foam swords, spell packets or the like as MASI is happy to loan such items to new members. If you want to make your own gear, some help can be found HERE .

You should be at least somewhat familiar with the rules of the game you will be attending, although you do not need to memorize them by any means.

A good way to start is to check out the MASI Core rules used (with small variations) by all games. These are found in the first chapter or two of each game's rulebook and are mostly a list of safety rules and game effects.

If you are going to NPC, all that is needed is a knowledge of the Core Rules!

Specific Game rules, generally covering character creation, can be obtained by contacting a game master.

Everyone needs to sign a waiver which is available HERE, those under 18 must have it signed by a parent in advance, those 18+ can sign their own at check in.

It is a good idea to arrive early to your first event and let the staff know you are attending so they can show you around as the site is quite large.

Most events are held at our 80-acre site in Jefferson, Maine, near Augusta. GPS generally finds it at 42 Stalkers Way, Jefferson, Maine

Access is quick and easy; driving right up Interstate 95, M.A.S.I. is only 1 hour and 40 minutes from Portland, and 3 hours and 15 minutes from Boston.

From Most of Maine

* Take the Maine Turnpike/I95 to Augusta (exit 109). Follow the signs for route 17 East through Augusta.

* You will pass through one rotary, over a bridge, and

through a second rotary.

* At the first set of lights after the second rotary, take a left, still staying with route 17 East.

* Drive for 13.4 miles, still on 17 East. You will come to where Route 17 and Route 32 diverge.

* Bear right onto Route 32. Drive for 1.5 miles, after which you will see a sign for Stonewall Road on the left.

* Turn left onto Stonewall Road and follow the signs for parking and check in!

For the Midcoast Area:

* Take your best route to the junction of 17 and 32, and follow the directions as above. The game site is off route 32, just south of the 17-32 juncture.